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Katty & Niko 

Our Wedding 


Our Story

Katty & Niko belong to that amazing group of couples that have found his/her soulmate on a dating app! ❤
Call it destiny or God's plan... But, they randomly saw each other before even planning for a date.
Their love story pretty much started when Katty was looking for a photographer for her mom's wedding back in 2019.

On the first date, Niko showed his photography art skills, and Katty really loved his work! Not only Niko was hired  to be the photographer for her mom's wedding, 

we also started dating since then.
Besides his amazing photography work, Katty really enjoy all the things we had in common and we definitely clicked on our first date! ❤

Since then, we spend so much time together, on dates, trips, family nights, parties, adventures and more...
We are very happy for the family we have become and for the love he has for my little daughter and my grandma! ❤

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