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Welcome to Niko Menko Photography 

Why should you choose Niko to be the right Photographer for you?  


Because you can get great experience working in-front of the camera which will provide you the best photo session experience. 

 Niko has a great personality, good heart, and very friendly, and very comfortable!
His work makes everyone very comfortable, and it’s very helpful when you standing in front of the camera.
 Everyone can learn from his hard work because of the extensive knowledge Niko has.
 When you are working with Niko, it is very easy to have a good time and also get educated from his work. 

 Niko specializes in many styles of photography, and has plenty experience  ​


 Our gallery options! 

Specializing in Wedding Photography

 Weddings are all about marriage and relationships. It’s about the intimacy of the deepest feelings of two people who are becoming one, while being surrounded by their loved ones and their traditions. Wedding photography is about capturing the perfect romantic moments. As a wedding photographer I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders to make sure those moments will be kept forever. To make sure to have the perfect photos to show the kids one day. I’m taking upon myself to make sure to give the best and most comfortable experience, for the couple and the gusts and prioritizing to get-to-know the couple before hand to make sure we establish a good connection and understanding of each other needs. I’ll be there to guide you and walk you through the most important day of your life and making sure those memories will be saved through photos. I’ll be there to guide you to create the perfect ‘love story’ surrounding your wedding day.

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Specializing in Headshots

 When you hear ‘headshot’ you immediately think about QUALITY. While providing a professional equipped studio, I’ll be providing professional experience. Professional high-resolution camera with a combination of the perfect light fixtures will make your headshot to look almost as good as the reality! Whether you’re a business owner, self-employed, influencer, or just looking for professional-presentable picture that will capture every feature of your face. And don’t worry I’ll be there every moment of the way to guide you to pose the most professional way while feeling comfortable in front of the camera! 

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Lifestyle Photography

 When the time comes to update your family picture it’s already is a stressful moment! Getting everyone together at the same place and the same time can be a huge deal by itself, picking up the perfect location and making sure everyone on the same page. I’m here to make your life easier. I’ll help you to provide ideas and locations, and we can even brainstorm together to make sure that the big effort will be used to its best ability. Family pictures are all about capturing the real-life moments when everyone get together and being able to capture the most genuine interactions with our loved ones while being able to share those moments to the future generations. Just remember, family pictures are not limited to any type of form! We can get your babies and pets or anything you would consider as part of your life!
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Specializing in Fashion Photography

 Fashion photography is the most exciting type of photography that each photographer secretly in love with. As a specialized fashion photographer, I can guide you from the beginning to the end for a fashion aspiring personal. Whether you are aspiring model, makeup artist or even a designer, or whether you are a professional experienced model, we together can build you the perfect portfolio shots to your desire. You’ll get all the guidance needed even if it is your first time! Working among high end fashion magazines brought me the perfect opportunity to advance my knowledge coming to a professional fashion photoshoot, guiding a model and getting the most unique results.

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Specialized in Artistic Productions

It’s also called Fine Art Photography. This is why, I can help you to create ART as careful as paintings at my studio. These pictures can be difficult to create them in one session, but with my experience, these sesions stand out because of their  details, compositions, and meanings. This is not easy like snapshots. It really needs a vision which goes over the limits of a whole compositions. Just bring your ideas, and I can those pictures out of the box! My artistic productions will develop the whole idea for your theme, brands, or marketing for your magazine, business, or your business products. Many conceptual photos, especially surreal ones, are considered to be fine art.  Some of them involve optical illusions, carefully placed objects, or even heavily edited compositions. All this process can take a long time to be perfect, but you don’t need to be a master in Photoshop to create a conceptual image. All these years of experience have helped me to find and to create eye-catching compositions without depending on editing programs

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Photo Studio

Studio Lighting is a key factor in creating a successful image. Lighting determines not only brightness and darkness, but also emphasizes tone, mood and atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to control and manipulate light correctly in order to get the best texture, vibrancy of colors, and luminosity on your subjects. By distributing shadows and highlights accurately, I can create the best stylized professional photos!

Come to visit us at our studio located in south west of Chicago soubrettes 

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Professional Photo Editing Using a Variety of Programs

Image is everything in 2020. Did you know that 68% of adults edit their selfies before posting them? Yeah, we’re scared too. Whether for personal use or for business, if you aren’t producing mesmerizing images, you aren’t going to get attention.


The good news is, there are tons of FREE photo editors online. Sure, if you’re a big business doing things at scale, invest in Photoshop

specialized at Adobe- Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere   

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Professional customer service

Support Call

Fast Respond 

Speed is the company’s secret to winning over new clients. When the business is boomed.
Responded to within 24 hours, at the very longest.​

  • Never miss a deadline

  • Exceed all expectations

  • Communicate and be attentive to my clients

Office Meeting

Offer an in-person consultation

Clients want to make sure that they “click” with me as well, and they WANT to discuss their ideas for their session. By meeting ahead of time, in person or face-time, I can answer questions, troubleshoot concerns, and come up with solid ideas ahead of your photo session. Plus, I develop a rapport and trust that will be reflected in your high-quality images.

Smiling Businesswoman

Listening to our customers

I Always remember that listening is one of the most important skills you can have as a professional photographer trying to provide good customer service. You want to focus on the client and pay attention to what they are requesting, so I can plan ahead and give them exactly, if not more than you are expecting.

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Brands we work with

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Oudoor Portrait :

  • one location of your choice

  • 15-25 edited pictures

  • NOW $245 HR

For weddings Click here For more Information please leave me a message down below 

Daria Rum


Studio Portrait

  • 60- 90 min session 

  • 10 edited pictures

  • NOW $139-$280

Brittany Kribs

Available after April 2021

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We use only professional photography equipment  

(Camera body Nikon D850 ,Canon eos R6 ) 

lens use, Nikkor 24-70 mm ED f2.8,
Canon RF 24-70 mm  f2.8

Nikkor 85mm f1.4,

Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8G ED

Nikkor 70-200 mm F2.8 ED VR II.
(Flashes we use) 
Godox AD600BM
Elinchrom brx 500 own 2X.

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Studio Niko Menko

Photographer Since 2008


In 2008 I really didn't know what I was doing. At that time, I was a senior in High School In Israel. I was about to graduate Art school and get my education degree. I got a Graphic Design degree from High School and I always was inspired by art, and from any kind of ART. Art school has taught me a lot about painting and building composition. At that time I used to go out a lot with my friend especially to nightclubs during the weekend. One day my friend had a crazy Idea to let me in for FREE to a big fancy night Club. He told me to be a photographer of the night. He had his connection with the Selector in this night club. And I say, “me????” Photographer, come on, really? I didn’t know what to do but I said ok. I take my Grandmas Camera (Olympus at that time were good Cameras). I had the Camera and we were going to enter the club. When I started shooting, I felt that it was Fun. Everyone wanted to get a picture from me. I feel like a VIP in the Club Right NOW!!! When I got home, I started looking at the pictures. I saw great colors in my pictures and almost like I drew them in my art school. They’re not just basic photos from a night club, but photos with awesome special effects. So I said, you know what, I wanna do it again, and this time I will do it better than before.


Next weekend, I go again to the nightclub to take pictures of the event and this time I get my pictures more clear and more sharp. And I said this is fun and I want to take more pictures. I don’t have to draw my Compositions again. I can make them happen on live event! So here my Journey Begins. From being a nightclub photographer, I started to work at a wedding company. I grew to become a Fashion photographer. Don’t worry, I did get my degree in High School. And fashion always inspired me. I think it's because of my MOM! She always wears high-end brands and high-end looks, but not necessarily expensive stuff. Now, she knows what she was doing. I was always her favorite model for the style. My mom is counter until today. She should be a fashion designer and she still helps me with fashion styles. In the year 2014, I decided to open my Company (Chili productions). I invested all my money and got a photo studio and started renting a basement place for my photography. I had a crew working with me in the beginning with stuff but I got great experience working on my own with photo studio lights. I built my reputation as a photo studio photographer. I got more into fashion shoots and headshots, but it didn’t last long. After time, my crew got me knowledgeable on marketing so the business could move somewhere. So I decided I wanted to break the company and do advertising on my own. So I was thinking a lot about what really was happening in Israel that time. The taxes were very high and we were always at war. I never found good spots to photoshoot. It’s a small country for me. I was thinking that I could go wherever I want. I’m still young. My Mom always knew I was a special child and I’m the only child she had. She told me you should try your thing any place, but not in Israel. There’s too many small opportunities for you! Guess what? She was Right as always!!! And I was thinking what is the perfect Land for opportunities? And of course USA. So what city I

should pick? I ask myself and at that time I was watching a Video about photoshop from “PHLEARN” and they
were from Chicago, Illinois. I said, I should see Chicago and do what this pro was doing. I buy my plane ticket and go to the airport. It was an 11 hour flight. Ever since 2015, I’ve been in Chicago. It was not easy, but now I’m here running my business and it’s growing. I live here in Chicago South Suburbs in Chicago Ridge. I have my small photo studio where I work. I hope you like my story. Feel free to email me if you wanna know more about me.

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