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Engagement Photo Session at "Cantigny" Wheaton ,IL

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Cantigny is a huge garden venue with also a golf area. Many weddings are held in this beautiful place and all the place is preserve! As a professional photographer you do need a permit for a photo session. ($35) Buy, this is not that expensive like in Chicago. You do not need to call for reservations and you can pay at the office. The parking is not free. It costs $15 for full day! So, in total you will be spending $50 for this place; I think it's worth it! I would like to share with you an Engagement photo session I did at "Cantigny" during fall season.

This is Rock Garden they have is like the Colorado looking garden.

This is the most Beautiful Place I ever see on this place call the Rose Garden is the most flower place in the park!


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