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How can everyone be part of The Wedding Day if they are restricted to a limited number of guests on

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

During this pandemic people are still getting married and celebrating their Life Events. BUT, in Illinois for example, there is a limitation of 50 people according to the CDC restrictions for indoor events. I'm a Wedding photographer and I can tell you how my couples are tied down to limit the number of guests. It's the most difficult thing to decide who will be the "chosen ones" at their wedding, and who will be the ones who stay Home! :( So I came out with the most Creative Idea! The best way to help them to solve this dilemma for their wedding with the NEW NORMAL way to live, how it is called right now. During the pandemic people are doing ZOOM calls to study, or friends and work meetings. But you cannot connect everyone on Zoom for a Wedding, it's insane! So, the perfect option will be to do a LIVE STREAMING !!!! And the Best platform to do a live Stream will be on YouTube because it's free and everyone can log in to watch it. People don't need to have an account to watch YouTube videos.

It's the most watchable platform in the World!!!

It's true people can do Live Streaming from cell phones, but it will never have the same quality than a professional camera.

After doing some research Online, we found a way to connect the DSLR camera to a laptop so we can get the best quality Video Streaming! In fact, we found out that we need a converter for the PC so it can read the Camera and the Microphone. We got a Wireless MIC, so we can get good quality sound from a long distance. We made an amazing investment to help families across the sea to be able to be part of the Big Event watching from their home screens on a great quality video!

The only problem is that we are having a delay on Live time streaming meaning people who are watching are getting the video 5 to 10 minutes delayed. But, that's very common for Live Streaming in general. So, it's not bad at all!

The great news is that we managed to save the big event! We solved the problem!

With this great way of sharing the streaming, most people could Enjoy watching the beautiful wedding from home, and be part of their Big Day! This Idea was so Great that our ratings on YouTube got to be a big Hit!

Definitely, we are on the right track! :) If you have any questions, please leave a comment or you can connect with us on the chat down below.

WE WANT TO BE PART OF YOUR BIG DAY to make all your family and friends be part of your special event as well! :)

Thank you very much, and please stay safe!

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