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I've been sending photos to my clients in the wrong way all this time!!!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I started doing photography since 2008, and to share photo sessions with my clients, I've always been using clouds drives such as Google Drive, DropBox, Facebook, Etc. However, some of my customers prefer the old fashion way, to get them printed and delivered by mail. 

Others love to get an USB flash drive, so they can keep the memories. But, for some reasons, they always ending losing the small key in the house. Then, after 5 years, I got an email asking if I still have the wedding photos. 

You probably had seen something like that too, right? But this is not the reason why I am writing this.

During this pandemic, my customers keep asking for prints, and anywhere I want to get those prints are CLOSED because of COVID-19. So, I started searching for a solution, and I found this website called

YES, I discovered a new world of photography! PIC-TIME gives your clients a great experience to see their photos with amazing gallery sections. For example, you can separate engagement gallery from the wedding day gallery, and the customers can get as many prints they want. 

You get commission for every print!!!

This is so great!! How come I didn't find them before? I could have saved so much m WE, as photographers, try make more money on prints but it's not easy if you don't have your own shop or another place for a good price and quality! Instead, HERE you have all the package PLUS you can get money from them! Sound great right? Well, there is always a BUT! It's only free for 30 days for a photographer. THEN, you can pick a plan. But, here is my little secret, I found a way to make different accounts. This depends on how much you will make money from it. So, If you like my life style photography definitely people would like to get a print for them! THERE, you can find all types of prints even photo albums with hard cover or metal print!

Definitely, it'll avoid a headache for photographers, and it'll make it so easy for customers. What I most like is, if the customer clicks on the card and didn't buy the print, they will get an e-mail notification. So customized photos they selected are still hanging in there, and eventually they would buy the prints! I really hope all photographers could learn something from my mistakes because those could've saved me a lot of time wasted, and hard work, of course.

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