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Live Wedding Streaming Story

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

When the Pandemic of Covid-19 all stared we just trying to Help a friend in her own wedding before we come out with the Idea to start doing Live Stream Wedding. It all happened in June 2020 When one of my wife friend had a wedding and she had a lot friends and family from over sea who cannot come to the wedding. and we come out with the idea to do live stream but we never did it professional before mostly from our phone. so we did some digging and I found this app call "OBS Studio". Using this app it let me upload live Stream to any social media account I want like facebook, youtube and etc... so I got some wireless microphones and a tripod and a camera that I had that time and I did shoot on this day I was Hired to be the main photographer on my wife friend wedding. so it was not easy to do two thing at the time. we didn't charge for live Stream serves that time because it was completely our firs time doing something big like that. we did had some issues. the wedding was out door and the internet connection was not the best and the noise of the wined was terrible. but we mange to deliver wat we promise.

after the first time we see a big patination on this because many people had the same problem at this time because of the pandemic. at that time my wife she was starting here carrier as a wedding planer She was given recommendation for live Stream so we could help more cupels to get seen on there wedding ceremony and the idea was great we got there video save so they can rewatch how many they wended and share with there friend we even got to do our own Wedding live stream and it was amazing

We Enjoy Sharing People there wedding and helping others was our idea in the firs place . so how much we charge now for doing it for a living. is still not that much we like to offer it to our packages but if some one ask we charge $350 per hour , doing it so and its hard work now we have serval cameras and microphones and tripods and we need to connect them all and change channels so it looks like a live sport tv you watch now. but its still better doing full wedding video because we don't spend a lot of work editing the images, what we got this is it, its live in the air now. some times the only issue with this idea is the internet connection we may have big delays on stream time and its hard to catch up. we always tell customers it may delay up to 2 minutes depending on the area of the wedding and what is the internet connection they may have. and its not always 5G. that be all for this post we going to leave some samples of other videos we did so you can see how its look.


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