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Paola & Oliver Best Wedding at the beach (9/6/2020)

Taking pictures at the beach can be complex. Most common ones are engagement pictures (where you may have more time to select equipment and poses,) but working on a Wedding ceremony, may not be a great idea for a beginner photographer. It'll be very challenging! I would like to show you an example of one of the weddings I shot at the Illinois Beach Hotel ( 1 lake front drive , Zion, IL,) and how things could go wrong if you are not a professional photographer! I will give you some Tips and Guides, so you can success!

Lets start talking about the weather. you can't predict the weather specialty if the wedding is outdoor so some times thing can get ugly but lucky for us the weather turn to be sunny exactly on the Ceremony it's act of GOD!!!

But let's say it's not going to be rainy so the hole wedding going to be indoors hoop is there a place. the "Illinois beach state park" is a Hotel so it could arrange the whole wedding indoor. but we don't want that right ? so we wanna everything to be perfect as planing and we been lucky. so how is the wedding starts let me show you the getting ready photos show we? let's start with the Bright

Our Groom Is a military sergeant.

And Now we can all move to the Ceremony. and like I say before we are very lucky that we din't get any rain!

The Kid brings the rings

Very emotional moments

we Didn't forgot the rings

And Now Is the Time we can do some Privet Photo Session

On this photos I use my Nikkor 85mm F1.4 it gives me a nice boke and more focus on the subject. and more natural lighting on the pictures

Here I use my wide angel lens Tokina 16-28 MM f2.8

Use my Nikor 24-70 mm f2.8

Use my Tokina 14-28 mm F2.8

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