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"Why The Farmhouse in Plainfield, Illinois is the Perfect Rustic Retreat for Your Next Getaway"

The Farmhouse in Plainfield is a captivating venue that combines rustic charm with modern elegance. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing its unique character and stunning features. Let me share some insights about this picturesque location:

  1. Historic Roots:

  • When our family moved to Plainfield, we noticed a huge, white chipped barn on the bank of the DuPage River. Just across the street stood a quaint farmhouse.

  • The farmhouse was built several years before Abraham Lincoln took the presidency. Its stone exterior, quarried from the surrounding area, mirrors the look of England’s historic structures with its light yellow hue.

  • If those walls could talk, they would share tales of Plainfield’s settlers who called this place home.

  1. Interior Charm:

  • Inside, the space exudes character. Imagine scarred dark wood floors, eye-catching walls with stucco texture, and an aroma of wood fire.

  • The limited window light adds drama to portraits, and the bridal suite—situated in a modern addition—features reclaimed barn wood flooring from a New York State structure.

  • Stylists work their magic at three salon stations, and cozy seating invites guests to sip drinks and enjoy the ambiance.

  1. Outdoor Beauty:

  • The grounds are meticulously maintained, eliminating the need for excessive floral decorations. Manicured gardens, tall trees, and a stone patio create a serene atmosphere.

  • For a private first look, we found an open area at the back of the property, screened by evergreens. It provided the perfect backdrop for capturing intimate moments.

  1. Booking and Availability:

  • Booking an event at this 200-person venue is quite limited for several years out. If you’re considering a wedding here, I recommend reaching out soon.

  • Contact The Farmhouse Plainfield at (815) 210-2980 to inquire about available dates for 2024 and 2025 weddings.

Whether it’s the historic stone exterior, the cozy interior, or the scenic outdoor spaces, the Farmhouse Plainfield offers a delightful canvas for photography work. 📸✨


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