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My Story How I become A full time photographer

In 2008 I really didn't know what I was doing. At that time, I was a senior in High School In Israel. I was about to graduate Art school and get my education degree. I got a Graphic Design degree from High School and I always was inspired by art, and from any kind of ART. Art school has taught me a lot about painting and building composition. At that time I used to go out a lot with my friend especially to nightclubs during the weekend. One day my friend had a crazy Idea to let me in for FREE to a big fancy night Club. He told me to be a photographer of the night. He had his connection with the Selector in this night club. And I say, “me????” Photographer, come on, really? I didn’t know what to do but I said ok. I take my Grandmas Camera (Olympus at that time were good Cameras). I had the Camera and we were going to enter the club. When I started shooting, I felt that it was Fun. Everyone wanted to get a picture from me. I feel like a VIP in the Club Right NOW!!! When I got home, I started looking at the pictures. I saw great colors in my pictures and almost like I drew them in my art school. They’re not just basic photos from a night club, but photos with awesome special effects. So I said, you know what, I wanna do it again, and this time I will do it better than before.

Next weekend, I go again to the nightclub to take pictures of the event and this time I get my pictures more clear and more sharp. And I said this is fun and I want to take more pictures. I don’t have to draw my Compositions again. I can make them happen on live event! So here my Journey Begins. From being a nightclub photographer, I started to work at a wedding company. I grew to become a Fashion photographer. Don’t worry, I did get my degree in High School. And fashion always inspired me. I think it's because of my MOM! She always wears high-end brands and high-end looks, but not necessarily expensive stuff. Now, she knows what she was doing. I was always her favorite model for the style. My mom is counter until today. She should be a fashion designer and she still helps me with fashion styles. In the year 2014, I decided to open my Company (Chili productions). I invested all my money and got a photo studio and started renting a basement place for my photography. I had a crew working with me in the beginning with stuff but I got great experience working on my own with photo studio lights. I built my reputation as a photo studio photographer. I got more into fashion shoots and headshots, but it didn’t last long. After time, my crew got me knowledgeable on marketing so the business could move somewhere. So I decided I wanted to break the company and do advertising on my own. So I was thinking a lot about what really was happening in Israel that time. The taxes were very high and we were always at war. I never found good spots to photoshoot. It’s a small country for me. I was thinking that I could go wherever I want. I’m still young. My Mom always knew I was a special child and I’m the only child she had. She told me you should try your thing any place, but not in Israel. There’s too many small opportunities for you! Guess what? She was Right as always!!! And I was thinking what is the perfect Land for opportunities? And of course USA. So what city I

should pick? I ask myself and at that time I was watching a Video about photoshop from “PHLEARN” and they were from Chicago, Illinois. I said, I should see Chicago and do what this pro was doing. I buy my plane ticket and go to the airport. It was an 11 hour flight. Ever since 2015, I’ve been in Chicago. It was not easy, but now I’m here running my business and it’s growing. I live here in Chicago South Suburbs in Plainfield, IL . I have my small photo studio where I work. I hope you like my story. Feel free to email me if you wanna know more about me.


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